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Know Thyself

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Shine Bright

At first I thought my personal life would be that. Personal.

Now I cannot delimitate entirely my professional and my personal life.

I am professionally what I have been able to explore personally. 

I often take personal things professionally and professional things personally. I am the same person all around, with certain family values and ethics. 

So after wandering a lot I asked: what is the purpose of it all? of living a life that is at the same time minuscule and grandiose. Setting ourselves in the vast universe and at the same time knowing that we are a microscopic cosmos, in an apparently limited timeframe, with a set of players, assets, talents and hindrances. What is the point of it all?


After years of rollercoaster rides and atomised reflections now I am convinced that sharing consciousness could be a purpose (if not The purpose).


In whatever field you are in: music, architecture, industry, entrepreneurship… Expanding your inner self to the system you are enclosed within is a purpose. 


The more goodness and genuine creativity you can multiply, the better it will work out for all stakeholders involved.



I took psychiatric pills for 18 years. Now chemical-free for 4 years.

I am recovering alcoholic and have been sober for 7 years, since 2012.

Thanks to yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and CBD oil I have been able to know myself, heal, detach, clarify, and pursue a true sense of self. Thanks to many different tools and practices I have gained confidence, vision, sense of purpose and more peaceful days.


Besides my fully professional life, I am now a recovery advocate, healing enthusiast and a true believer of the power of yoga, meditation and alternative practices.


My professional stake in the world as it is today, is that I will share everything I can to bring consciousness and create awareness about healing. There's plenty of people doing this, but if we all start sharing and striving for this, we will have better professionals, better politics, better quality of life, better spending capacity, more resources, wiser and purposeful businesses and better capitalist dynamics. In the techno-world we live today we need more sense of self. More inner exploration. More philosophical questions and dainty philosophical explorations. Artificial intelligence plus interconnectivity and market saturation will bring an imminent need to know ourselves before technology makes decisions for us and fake news manipulate (even more) our personal will and perspectives. 


So yes, my professional stake as a designer and multipurpose agent is to share some of my personal trajectory, with the pure aim to reach for a better individual, which will later resonate in a better community, society and economic system.


Please, get in contact with me if you wish to know more about the process, if you or someone you know is dealing with depression, anxiety, addiction, or just curious about the process.

I could sure shed a light and share my experience, or perhaps help raise a voice. I know there are many of us out there with similar stories.


Take note that this is a daily, ongoing process, that we are humans and fluctuate between feeling good and feeling not-so-good. That we fuck up. That we often have emotional and mental relapses and shortcomings. Our only wish is to do better everyday, to share our genuine selves and clear up acquired junk. It never ends, but the beauty relies on the imperfection, the daily observation and the different experiences we create for ourselves.

Much love,


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