am i 

always myself 

on the mirror

i’ve been dressing up in my flesh for so long

the image of myself 

the repetition 

the eyes still reassuring that you’re not just muscle, sinew, movement

I wake up again being me. 

That same picture, apparition. 

Sublime, beautiful at times


yet uninteresting to look always at the same face

i can understand now actors transvestites halloween fanatics kids priests 

to be yourself everyday and linger inside your fleshy glove of dermis 

so tame and obedient

having the same face and not even seeing it change throughout the years

not having that alien perspective but being omnipresent in your daily mini nano transformations

the perpetual gaze is enough for you to swallow 

that piece of  information

that you are are the same core and ever-changing psique

with visiting multiplying cells, dying cells, inconstant hairdo’s and f22 gaze

you are you





once again

let me walk you through

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